Posted on 25 February, 2020

The loft is a modern urban style characterized by an abundance of open spaces and industrial elements such as very high ceilings, rough brick walls, exposed beams and pipes. This style quickly became extremely popular in both the USA and Europe. Houses with an attic are mainly chosen by creative, freedom-loving people.

Loft - is always a huge open space. Usually it is at least one hundred square meters and is filled with a lot of sunlight that shines through the wide and tall windows. This style was originally popularized by artists.

Upholstered furniture plays an important role in decorating a loft-style home. The Mille factory recommends combining modern and designer furniture with details of the "last century". Whether it's a loft sofa or a loft-style bedroom, tones should be mostly neutral, with a slight intersection of light accents.

While loft is a style with minimal furniture use, upholstered furniture in this style can be ultra-modern or antique. The main requirements for furniture in this style are functionality and minimalism, so modular furniture fits perfectly into this style. As for materials, they traditionally prefer leather, thick textiles, high-quality wood, steel and aluminum with chrome inserts. For a bedroom, a medium-height bed in light colors is the right choice. An original metal bed or raw wood can also be used to highlight an industrial style line. Remember that unique and unusual furniture, chosen correctly, can provide an extra dose of beauty to your home.

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