What you need to know

Choosing and purchasing furniture - is always a difficult process, which requires a responsible approach. Considering that the chosen element will be used for a long time, its operating qualities must fully satisfy you. If time is an important value then our consultant with all the necessary materials can consult you at home.

It is for these reasons, you can always use the services of our consultant absolutely free* of charge! The consultant's services include:

  •     Measurement works with on-site visit in case of orders for personalized sofas (valid only for the Brasov region, in case of order refusal, the 100 lei exit fee applies)
  •     Consultations and recommendations on the choice of furniture and space optimization
  •     Help with establishing the most successful model, choosing colors and fabrics
  •     Concluding the contract at home!

Quality furniture must always be accompanied by quality service. The measurement works are performed by a qualified and experienced specialist, who guarantees the reception of the exact data for the manufacture of your sofa.

*Home consulting is provided free of charge only if the client agrees to place the order by signing the contract, in case of refusal a fee of 100 lei applies