About Us

The "Mille" factory has long established itself as a high-quality and reliable production of upholstered furniture to order. During our work we have achieved a lot, have gone through a lot, but our most important achievement is the trust of our customers. We do not just create furniture, we create the perfect combination of design and construction that meets all requirements and tastes.

Like any story, ours began with great ambitions and a desire to create truly high-quality products. With only a small group of like-minded people, we set about creating the first fold-out and corner sofas. People were so impressed with the quality that they did not believe that our furniture was created by local manufacturers.

However, such affordable and low prices made them believe that this was true. Our furniture was in demand, production began to develop at a rapid pace, the assortment expanded, new original models appeared. And soon we opened a sales area, where we present various furniture from our factory "Mille - Soft Furniture On Order". The furniture we produce is furniture for everyone who appreciates comfort and beauty.

Each client is unique for us and, despite the fact that today the "Mille - Custom Upholstered Furniture" factory is a full-fledged large-scale production, we still pay maximum attention to each customer. After all, custom-made furniture is always an individual approach and the creation of something unique.

If you ask us what kind of furniture do we like to create more? We will answer - furniture that you will like first of all, furniture that will perfectly fit into the interior in size and design, which will be comfortable, strong and durable. And it doesn't matter at all whether it will be a small armchair, a corner sofa or a wide folding sofa for the living room - we are ready for any experiments that will help fulfill your dream.


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