Modular Sofa Milano S 173

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8 950 Lei ( VAT included )

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Size: 105 x 245 (cm)

Upholstery fabrics for sofas, for every taste and color

Mille furniture is made exclusively from the highest quality materials, which ensures its reliability and durability.

24 months warranty for all upholstered furniture

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We produce all the furniture to order at our factory Mille. Manufacturer prices, high quality.

Upholstery: Brooklyn/800

The special feature of this sofa is the soft and comfortable seating space. When you sit on the sofa, it feels like you're floating. Using this model for daily relaxation, you will get total relaxation and rest. Plus, the modular system allows you to change the configuration at any time, which is a perfect idea for your interior.

In several dimensions

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